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Available Cats for Adoption.
Can't permenantly adopt but still want to help?
You can become a temporary foster home for cats or kittens too!
If you have room in both your heart and home, why not put that good will to good use and foster a cat or kitten today? Here’s how it works: Send a TEXT to Kaiti with these TWO things: you want to adopt and your email. BOTH of those things are needed. If you want to foster we need the following FOUR things: you want to foster, your town, cross streets, and email. Fosters must live 20 minutes or less (one way) from the Chandler Mall.
zola FEATURED CAT Name: Zola | Gender: Female | Born: May 2014 | Siamese Mix zola 2

Bright blue eyes aren't the only thing that make this young lady adorable. She's a sweetheart and funny too. She'll play with her toys and then walk off with them as if she has a fresh kill and she's a lioness on the plains of Africa. She's a killer, despite being so lady like, so if you have a bug or rodent problem she'll definitely take care of that for you and she'll do it very happily!

To inquire about her click here.
Status: Available
Moki Name: Moki | Gender: Female | Born: April 2013 | Shorthair, white and tan moki_christmas

Soft fur and a quiet, barely heard, meow, and this small cat is quite the lady. Being mellow she'll need a home that matches her personality in order to be happy. She'll definitely need to live somewhere where she can live in the master bedroom too, because in both homes we lived in with her and her ex-foster mom's, she always spent most of her time in the master bedroom!

To inquire about her click here
Status: Available
Zuri 1 Name: Zuri | Gender: Female | Born: May 2014 | Siamese Mix Zuri 1
This is Zola's sister, Zuri. Very playful and a little more dominant then her sister, but a cat that had no trouble fitting into her new (but temporary) home. She also share's her sister's beautiful blue eyes.To inquire about her click here.
Status: Available
Sherlock 1 Name: Sherlock&Watson | Gender: Male | Born: May 2013 | Maine Coon Mix twins_christmas2

These two handsome boys must remain together. They're brothers and we call them "The Twins" because they look a lot alike! We tried separating them twice before and it didn't work out. They became stressed and started bad habits. Together though they're characters! They'll make you laugh, cuddle up close to you, and make you say "aw" when you see them cuddled up close and walking side by side.

To inquire about them click here.
Status: Available
mirage_1 Name: Mirage | Gender: Female | Born: May 2011 | Domestic Shorthair Mirage 2

This poor girl had an extremely hard start to life. A woman saw her and her kittens thrown from a car into some shrubs on a median where a branch lodged itself into her eye socket. The woman began looking for a rescue but oddly enough didn't remove the branch, feed her or the kittens or give them water. Mirage almost died and two of her three kittens did. It took months to heal her injuries and gain her trust but she's finally a sweet young woman. And don't let her being older scare you off! She can easily out play all of the kittens!

To inquire about them click here.

Status: Available